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Although is not a dictionary word, nevertheless, as "yLab" is a memorable name and is easy to spell. It is very hard to mistype "yLab" one the name is seen.

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Bases on Google Trend's statical data, there is a noticeable amount of searches for the keyword "ylab".


Although many organizations around the world do share the name "yLab". yLab, as a name does, carries some characteristic to be a brandable name. yLab is memorable, brief, and user-friendly. Additionally, yLab as a name does sound credible.

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1. info is an unrestricted domain, meaning that anyone can obtain a second-level domain under info for any purpose, similar to the com, net or org domains. This is in contrast to TLDs such as edu or coop. Info is the only top-level domain that was explicitly created and chartered for unrestricted use, though various other TLDs became that way as a de facto situation. Info stands for information in about 37 languages, and is a neutral name. The previous information of this paragraph was sourced from With the information from Wikipedia, is a domain name that has a potential to have a global presence. Also, with the demographic flexibility of a .info domain name, can literally be owned and would be useful for an individual or an organization that is located anywhere in the world.

2. "yLab" can be a great name for an organization that operates whether a medical laboratory, a computer laboratory, a chemical laboratory, or another type of laboratory. "yLab" can also be a useful name for an organization that sells or manufactures laboratory equipment. Besides the mentioned purposes, there are probably many other useful purposes that the domain can be utilized for.

3. Bases on, first came into existence in the winter of 2004.


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This domain is for sale by Kevin Nguyen(kevinhng86), the author of Programming with Kevin, and is the owner of and the starting up company Fai Hosting Solution.

I do have a variety of domain in many niches. Feel free to browse the list of for sale domains below.

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